Sapiens [A preview]

Halfway through a book on the trends from social sciences through a historical perspective, and I ran across an interesting paragraph:

“So monotheism explains order, but is mystified by evil. Dualism explains evil, but is puzzled by order. There is one logical way of solving the riddle: ……there is a single omnipotent God ….. and He’s evil. But Nobody in history has had the stomach for such a belief.” (Sapiens. pp 221)

In a way, it would be an interesting religion; a preaching of a cruel god that plagues society. I would believe it, and it could have some really interesting perks.

Think about it…..

When you are alone in this world, life sucks. Your body gets older, while your environment is always asking more from you and never bringing any permanent satisfaction that it promises. This all occurs as you slowly succumb to entropy as it slowly takes everything away from you: your money, your mind, your body, your life.

The realization on life being a constant trial of pain against this deity would be a reason for others to come together. It’s not a praise to a higher order, but an acknowledgement that we are all against him together. Alternatively, it could lead to a banding of “community” to help improve everyone’s life, enhance your understanding of other’s pain, and a spiritual banding to survive the constant torture of this (or these) constantly cruel (Entropy-ic /Entropic?) deity.



Image Source:

Note: It’s the only decent image I found when I searched both “Entropy” and “Deity.” “Chaos” didn’t help. The next best image was the Crab Nebula……


It would be like Christians not believing that God or Jesus are waiting for you in the afterlife. They would only recognize the Devil and his presence influencing the Earth, constantly harassing us for his substance … or maybe just his amusement.

Looking back at my life, all of my favorite memories are not from random events from the world, but from when I have been blessed with those closest to me. Their love, friendship, and sacrifice that keeps me socially active…. and maybe too nice for my own good.

Instead of fighting over who’s “God” is better, we could all just come together and agree they all treat us like shit. We can focus on making the most of what we have in front of us …… instead of constantly wishing for what is not there ……. and will never be.

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